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Leave comments on one of them if you like it, don't just favourite but do comment. I'm open to hear what you think. But if you feel like you're not comfortable with girls that have ginormous body proportions especially with the breasts, butt and others, you don't have to tell me that you don't like. Remember, time is precious. Don't waste it on something you hate or dislike. Thanks! :lol:



And other stuff too... :confused:
You can find my crazy-ass comments in most of my favourites.


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Sam H. Collends
Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
Favourite genre of music: When I hear it, I will love it. Don't particularly stick to one genre
Favourite cartoons: Regular Show, Adventure Time, Striperella.... :lol:
Personal Quote: As different as I can be...
Favourite art in particular: Games, movies, porn, nudity
Favourite fetishes: Gigantic Boobs, Huge Bubble Butts with Thick Thighs, Thick Fat Lips, Long Tongues, Wide Hips and Waist, Curvy, Gaming Females (depends)

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I WANT TO EAT YOUR SOUL!! - Chibi Paige by samcollends
Just did this for fun...gonna use this for a while. Just uploaded this as my avatar so when KristinaKatt comes online.
She'll be like...dafuq? And it'll be a good one. But I'm not gonna keep this as my avatar, so you guys won't see this as my avatar probably by the time you're seeing it now. Because Paige honestly looks pretty fat in that avatar. Because of her bewbs :( Should've lowered it tho' :(

Oh well. I really can't change anything so here it is. And this is also someone of a teaser image of Paige's new haircut. It's not completely emphasized properly yet but we'll get there when it does work. 

Just something that is idealized from KristinaKatt's icon :iconkristinakatt::iconsamcollends:

Alright, gotta get back to the drawing of Paige and Katt and their sons. See you guys soon!!

Paige Di © samcollends:iconsamcollends:
  • Mood: Joy
  • Listening to: Steven's Universe - Amalgam (Extended Version)
So I have a list of the NSFW drawings that I wanna do, and I thought I put the list here that can grow as more ideas come in. That's not the only thing that grows ;) And this could also be a simple way to let you guys know what will come or should I said cum. Anyways, I'm just gonna put my list of ideas here so it can help to build some anticipation for you guys for the drawings that I have in mind for 2015. I really hope I'm really able to accomplish these by the end of the year. 

Anyway, enough typing. Here it is...
:bulletpurple: - Must be drawn!! MUST, I TELL YA'!!
:bulletred: - Should be able to, maybe?? I hope I do get to draw this. Probably won't :( 
:bulletpurple: Paige's Smoochy Lips - A closeup shot of Paige's face that emphasizes and focus mainly on her lips and revealing her new haircut. And some music theme applied to the artwork.
:bulletpurple: LOLA'S MASSIVE BOOTY(Fan Art) - A solo fan art of Lola showing off her massive booty. Lola is an OC by SuperTito
:bulletpurple: Lola Teases Sam - A scene where Lola and Sam(my fictional counterpart) are at the back alley of a night club. This artpiece is going to show Lola rubbing her massive booty on Sam's crouch, arousing him. 
:bulletpurple: THE WITCHER 3 FUTANARI HUNT - Keira Metz and Ciri masturbating next to each other and giving each other handjobs. And also Triss and Rosa sits on the floor looking at viewer and stroking their cocks on the floor. 
:bulletred: Meet Sam Di / SAM - THE SON OF PAIGE - A drawing of my OC, Sam. The biological son of Paige. Former boyfriend turned son. 
:bulletred: Meet Kiss Di / KISS - THE HUGE-BOOBED LADY WITH LIP NIPPLES - A drawing of Paige's adoptive sister. Kiss. A human that's been sexually genetically modified by Paige when they were teenagers. A human who possess huge giant lips for nipples, vagina and her penis hole. Yes, she's also a futanari.
:bulletred: Meet Di Di / DI DI - THE GIRL WITH A HUMONGUS MEMBER - A girl with a torso+head&neck sized penis. The size of the biggest salami. The youngest sister in the Di family. 
:bulletred: Meet Kate Di/ KATE - THE HUGE BEWBED AND BOTTOMED MILF - Kiss and Di Di's biological mother and adoptive mother of Paige. 
:bulletpurple: CHRISTMAS DAY 2015 - Christmas drawing where Gala and Amber, OCs of Carmessi, gives Paige a blowjob for Christmas.
:bulletpurple: LIARA'S MASSIVE GINORMOUS MEMBER - A fan art NSFW of Liara as a futa with an unimaginably massive penis. Based on yourbigjohnson from tumblr.
:bulletred: FIVE NIGHTS AT FREDDY'S GIRLS - A fan art of all the animatronics in FNAF. All turned into girls with distinguishable bodies. Chica has her HUGE BOSOMS AND Ph4t' THICK BOOTY!!. Freddy will be gender swapped and she'll either be a fat sexy BBW or a futanari with a huge booty. Probably make her black because I need to draw more black busty ladies. Foxy's gonna be a tongue girl?? Maybe ginormous boobs too?? I dunno. Yeah I think that'll do just lovely. And Bonnie's a HUGE BOOBED girl. 
:bulletred: THE EARTH IS A TOY - A depiction where Paige has Planet Earth resting in between her STAR-SIZED BREASTS...
NOTICE: This is an ongoing list, so it will be regularly updated once a new idea pops up.

2015, HERE I CUM!!! 

Okay, see you all later and I hope this gets your boners excited. CHAO!! :wave:</i>
:iconwip1plz::iconwip2plz: :iconwip1plz::iconwip2plz: :iconwip1plz::iconwip2plz:

NOTICE: The following image above is still under major progress. Hence, it's being stated as a work in progress. As such, the comment section below here will be disabled and viewers are advised to withhold their opinions and criticism until the final result of this following artpiece gets uploaded onto the featured gallery. Thank you for your cooperation.

YES!! Got it done!:lol: But I must say, sometimes one of the most painful parts of color coding characters is that you have to play with the colors here and there to make sure they look right. That's actually not the worst part, what's worst is that if the character is created by YOU. I actually liked this new outfit of Paige, almost. The only excruciating part is the bra she's wearing, lifting those MEGA TONS OF GIGANTIC MILKING BREASTS!!

In case some of you hadn't read my previous WIP on this artwork, which you can go by clicking here, I did mention that I'm never gonna draw a bra this intricate ever again. In my opinion, too many details going on. I'm only doing it this once and never again, maybe eventually or never or god knows how long till I do this again. It's such a waste of time. Too much time wasted till the point where I can't move on to other stuff I wanna draw quickly. Next is basically a face shot which emphasizes heavily on Paige's BIG FAT JUICY LIPS 

And some music notes going around her and after that, a solo fan art of Lola then Lola teasing Sam, which is the fictional counterpart of me. At the back alley of a club, probably a strip club or a night club more likely. And Gala at some point, maybe Christmas... :lol: 

Yeah...something about Paige doesn't feel right. I dunno. Basically next time you see Paige in her full outfit, it will be this one right here but altered because there are some parts I didn't like. I will make Paige wear her black tank top back, probably add some fur to her new jacket like her first previous jacket. And the arm glove will probably be used for some if I see fit. The only two things in this outfit that will not be returning is the bra and the lights on her shoulder+arm guard. Gonna remove that. Gonna make her more simplistic from this outfit. Maybe I'll give her a white normal bra underneath her black tank top. No funny detailing and shit like this bra here. 

I dunno, I'll see how things goes first. Then I'll be considering about these ideas. OKAI!! Talking too much now! Shutting up here! And see you guys when the final work in the featured gallery. CHAO!! :wave:
:iconwip1plz::iconwip2plz: :iconwip1plz::iconwip2plz: :iconwip1plz::iconwip2plz:

NOTICE: The following image above is still under major progress. Hence, it's being stated as a work in progress. As such, the comment section below here will be disabled and viewers are advised to withhold their opinions and criticism until the final result of this following artpiece gets uploaded onto the featured gallery. Thank you for your cooperation.

Well one thing is for confirmed, I'll probably be the one who submits a drawing for Mothers' Day late. Yes, here are two BOMBSHELL MILFs WITH GINORMOUS JUGGS!! Dayum look at those things, hanging like a giant balloon attached to a coconut tree. This time, Paige's immense bosoms are not highly emphasized here. They're not that revealing. And I'm definitely gonna give Paige new poses because this time, she's bending down again. Even if this is the second time I've drawn her in the same body position, it feels like this is the tenth time I'm doing it. 

Given the time I drew this line art, it started at the first week of August until now. Reason being that it took me sometime to idealise and it's because of the intricately detailed bra supporting Paige's GINORMOUS BAZONGAS.... I swore, I'm never gonna draw something this detailed again because it consumes time and I can't move on to drawing other stuff that I wanna draw that's already planned in my head. So with that being said, I might just ditch the 4th of July drawing, or I'll have the same idea for the drawing of 4th of July but I won't do it for that holiday event. I dunno if any of you can make a sense out of that but if you can't, then it'll be complicating for you.

I'm apparently not going to give Paige any intricate detailed clothings anymore unless I really want to. And the next time you see Paige, she's not going to have this hairstyle anymore. SCREW DIS'! It's starting to look really blend and meh right now. But I'll still be keeping her traditional hairstyle where she has long strands of hair on the back while retaining shorter hair on the sides and top. The fringe will still remain as it is, covering only one eye. But then again, this hairstyle done by this cosplayer caught my attention on 9gag tho''s what she looked like as Jinx from LoL:…

I dunno why but for some reason, when I look at this cosplay of Jinx, I was like, I have to use this hairstyle represented right here. I've seen other cosplays of Jinx and most of it were just meh, it was alright but a few of them are on per as the one I saw on 9gag. Like this one:…

I was like dayum!! That is a hot-ass haircut. So I'm like, this has to be Paige's new haircut. It's simply perfect for her description. Hence, being a mage. Wanna give her more of a mage appearance so why not splash that hairstyle right onto Paige. It'll be smashing. And yes, that's not the only thing that'll be splashin' and smashin', if you know what I mean...

And also yes! I finally drew Katt. She's an OC of KristinaKatt:iconkristinakatt:

Kristina really wanted me to draw Katt. I've received a few requests from her to draw Katt. She really is impressed with my artstyle and it means a lot to me that she's giving herself an effort to adore my work. And I probably will be amped to draw more of Katt. And if you're wondering who are those two kids tagging along with both of our ladies here, the one with Paige is me. Sam. Well I don't really look like that but I wanna be Paige's son in that world I created. It's a fantasy I'm willing to live in. I'll probably develop myself and I'll probably be entitled Sam the creator of Paige. Paige created by me, both in real world and in this fictional world I created.

That's really interesting. As me in the fictional world is a more powerful being than Paige. Paige maybe an overpowered mother witch but I created her. So I'm the only key to end her. But I don't wanna because she's too hot with those GIANT TATAS AND THAT BOMBASTIC BODY PACKIN' LARGE BUTTCHEEKS AND THICK THIGHS!! Okay I talk too much but I'll probably repeat what I said when the final result gets released on my featured gallery. I'll create a character bio for myself and you guys will get to know Sam more as he's me fictionally. Okay okay I'll stop. If you like this, you may drop a favourite and thanks for tuning in. 

Oh yeah and one more thing, the other kid who's standing behind Katt is named Matt. Just so you know, Kristina, if you're reading this.

CHAO!! :wave:

  • Mood: Uneasy
I've recently had a confirmation with KristinaKatt:iconkristinakatt:, that I was going to draw her most mainstreamed main OC, Katt. And this time, she has a son even though she's only 23 yrs old as stated by KristinaKatt. But I don't care, because Mother's Day is coming on the 10th of May and that's my deadline. I got a feeling the Mother's Day artwork isn't going to be that big of a deal for other hentai artists who are like or better than me. At least I hope so.

Anyways! The point is, the reason why this is going to be challenging is because for the first time, I'm actually going to throw four characters onto the artwork. That's right! Four!! I'm not even sure how I'm gonna do that, it's's gonna be too wide or maybe just the size of an A3 paper to take all of them. Why is it four?? Well, my new OC, Paige, is a mother and I'm also gonna have to draw Sam as well, her son. Paige and Sam, mother and son. And I'm also gonna have to draw Katt and her made-up son. Probably gonna give him a name sooner or later. But Katt's son is just gonna be used for this Mother's Day drawing. 

Other than that, there maybe one more drawing of Katt and her son eventually. Just maybe. Not confirmed or touched on yet about doing more of Katt and her son right after Mother's Day. So yeah, THIS IS GOING TO BE A CHALLENGE!! Because I'm not even sure how big the file size's gonna be. Oh goodness gracious...hopefully there should be somewhat of a turn around of resolving the problem. At least I hope there is a turn around. So yeah, KristinaKatt, I hope you acknowledge this. It's a tough one. 

And sorry if I kept repeating myself, people do tend to repeat themselves from time to time. Anyways!! I'll just leave it to you guys here to give your thoughts about it or not, whichever you choose. And I hope to see you soon enough, take it easy. CHAO!! :ahoy:

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