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Leave comments on one of them if you like it, don't just favourite but do comment. I'm open to hear what you think. But if you feel like you're not comfortable with girls that have ginormous body proportions especially with the breasts, butt and others, you don't have to tell me that you don't like. Remember, time is precious. Don't waste it on something you hate or dislike. Thanks! :lol:



And other stuff too... :confused:
You can find my crazy-ass comments in most of my favourites.


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Sam H. Collends
Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
Favourite genre of music: When I hear it, I will love it. Don't particularly stick to one genre
Favourite cartoons: Regular Show, Adventure Time, Striperella.... :lol:
Personal Quote: As different as I can be...
Favourite art in particular: Games, movies, porn, nudity
Favourite fetishes: Gigantic Boobs, Huge Bubble Butts with Thick Thighs, Thick Fat Lips, Long Tongues, Wide Hips and Waist, Curvy, Gaming Females (depends)

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I've recently had a confirmation with KristinaKatt:iconkristinakatt:, that I was going to draw her most mainstreamed main OC, Katt. And this time, she has a son even though she's only 23 yrs old as stated by KristinaKatt. But I don't care, because Mother's Day is coming on the 10th of May and that's my deadline. I got a feeling the Mother's Day artwork isn't going to be that big of a deal for other hentai artists who are like or better than me. At least I hope so.

Anyways! The point is, the reason why this is going to be challenging is because for the first time, I'm actually going to throw four characters onto the artwork. That's right! Four!! I'm not even sure how I'm gonna do that, it's's gonna be too wide or maybe just the size of an A3 paper to take all of them. Why is it four?? Well, my new OC, Paige, is a mother and I'm also gonna have to draw Sam as well, her son. Paige and Sam, mother and son. And I'm also gonna have to draw Katt and her made-up son. Probably gonna give him a name sooner or later. But Katt's son is just gonna be used for this Mother's Day drawing. 

Other than that, there maybe one more drawing of Katt and her son eventually. Just maybe. Not confirmed or touched on yet about doing more of Katt and her son right after Mother's Day. So yeah, THIS IS GOING TO BE A CHALLENGE!! Because I'm not even sure how big the file size's gonna be. Oh goodness gracious...hopefully there should be somewhat of a turn around of resolving the problem. At least I hope there is a turn around. So yeah, KristinaKatt, I hope you acknowledge this. It's a tough one. 

And sorry if I kept repeating myself, people do tend to repeat themselves from time to time. Anyways!! I'll just leave it to you guys here to give your thoughts about it or not, whichever you choose. And I hope to see you soon enough, take it easy. CHAO!! :ahoy:
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Finally got an actual tumblr page...or blog, whatever! I thought now that I've drawn such lovely women with ginormous juggs, asses, thighs and all that good stuff. Why not make a tumblr blog about it?? Plus I really wanna get more attention. Seeing other hentai artists that I know a lot about their work on sites like chounyuu, superfuta, e-hentai, gelbooru, danbooru, rule34, hentai-foundry, etc, makes me wanna get more intention for those who always got to our tumblr blogs or deviantART to download and upload on the following sites that I just mentioned...and etc blogs as well. 

So now to deliver, here's my tumblr blog!!

Oh yes everybody!! With this up, I may and I really hope that I draw one art piece where it's basically Paige has a tumblr button stuck in her cleavage or a blue dildo with tumblr's logo on it and maybe I could make her suck it with saliva dripping all over dat' shit!! OH YEAH!! So excited. Make this official!!

Alright!! So with this info, I hope you all follow me on Tumblr and stay tuned for any posts. See you all soon and I'll be sending links to you all to follow my blog if you guys don't really read my journal entries, in that case, whatever. So see ya all later! CHAO!! :wave:

Paige Di

Female / Hermaphrodite

∞   (Immortality)
50 (Appearance)



American (From apparent birth)


Estimated 200ZZZ (Down to half of her enlarged lower torso)


7 feet 8 'inches


Similar to upper torso (Arm length)

Three times of shoulder width, from shoulder to shoulder

2.5ft (30 'inches)

4.5 'inches


15cm (when widened)
10cm (when narrowed/normal)


Mostly dominant, sometimes submissive, depends

① Big / Large / Huge / Wet / Gigantic Penises
② Huge Balls
③ Loads of Breast Milk and Cum
④ Kids
⑤ Female Tongues
⑥ Herself (obviously)
⑦ Gigantic Breasts
⑧ Huge Bubble Butt with Thick Thighs

① Overpowered Psychological Magic
② Time Manipulator
③ Body Elasticity
④ Sexual Energy Absorption
⑤ Do anything due to Power ①
Example: Immediate self-resurrection, illusionist

① Extreme Healing Factor
② All Superhuman Abilities
(Strength, speed, durability, endurance, etc.)
③ Unlimited Controllable Tongue Growth
④ Unlimited excessive saliva
⑤ Superhuman Rapid Sperm Reproduction
⑥ Unlimited excessive breast milk
⑦ Able to control everyone of her muscles (Vaginal muscles, Anal muscles, etc.)
⑧ Penis flexibility
⑨ Immune to any viruses, bacterias, diseases, illnesses, etc.
⑩ Able to do anything due to Power ①


When in normal female form, Paige is a female bornt with white clear bright hair with dark grey hair at the lowest strands of every part of her hair. Paige also appears to have red pupils as a result of an abnormal human. Including the fact where Paige’s nipples appear to be bluish purple while her tongue, vagina and internal flesh is normal pink or red or both. Paige’s most striking part of her depiction are her ginormous body proportions. Paige is mostly known for her gigantic mammoth breasts at the bra cup size of estimately 200ZZZ. Paige’s hips are three times wider than her shoulder length from shoulder to shoulder and the height from her waist to hips are measured similarly to the length of the upper or lower arm. Which also means Paige has an excessively large butt with excessively thick thighs. Paige also has the ability to grow and retract her large big fat tongue and it can lengthen without limits.

When in futanari form, Paige remains similarly to her female form. However in this form, Paige is able to sprout a 2.5ft gigantic mammoth sized penis while still having a vaginal. Her large football-sized testicles sometimes are hung outside in a scrotum normally, sometimes it is hidden internally which causes the reduction of lower torso flesh without major or minor harm to the body. Lastly in both forms, Paige usual facial makeup is wearing dark purple eyeshadow and liner and slightly dark bluish purple lipstick. Sometimes her makeup color of choice changes on several occasions depending how she wants to look. Paige also has a tiny mole on the top-right of her right buttcheek.


France, french culture, learns french language, baguettes, using baguettes as dildos, her godlike magic powers, herself, her ginormous breasts, her giant butt, her thick thighs, playing with her son in human form or teddy bear form, men and women, using her breasts and butt for anything, blowjobs, getting wet anyhow, her tongue, being dominant, movies, having sex with strangers, turning anything into her preferences, her futanari giant penis, raping women with her penis, her sisters, her mother, Japan, Japan culture, modifying men and women’s body parts, changing a person’s gender completely or partially, likes public sex remotely, men only for their penises and semen, dairy milk, loads of breast milk from herself or other females, ice cream, minimal or mild fat wrinkles, being opened to any genre in games, music, movies, television shows, etc, having her giant buttcheeks exposed, speaking and learning British accents


Unattractive women, ugly elderlies, disgusting people, having too much sexual attention, being a celebrity, being a pornstar, fame, small penises, male nipples, use her penis on men, females with male upper torsos, men surgically turned into women, to be called a “tranny” or “shemale” because she’s not, shoes with laces, pubic hair, gore pornography, extremely muscular women, extremely or merely obese women, huge fat bellies, extremely fat wrinkles, having favourite genres in music, movies, games, television shows, etc, having clothings that covers her buttcheeks sometimes, mediocre accent usage from others




Ha!! Alright we finally got Paige going here!! GOODNESS GRACIOUS, YES!! Finally got my own new OC to get into the world of giant-breasted and big-bottomed and all that goodness. Etc, etc. Now I know this is not a proper biography art as it should be showing Paige in a plain standing pose. You know, those typical standing poses where they're suppose to stand straight and shit like that?? Yeah! Or like those freaky 3d poses where the posture has to be straight up firm and the hands have to be brought up to form a cross symbol? I know, I should've done that and now we can't see what Paige wears on her legs... damn! She's basically wearing black rubber boots with golden collar or scallop or both. And some socks. 

It'll be cool if she could wear stockings though....I might consider giving her stockings. Yeah I will. Just gotta remember giving her that sometime later. I already have my plans for drawing her this year and it's about to be GREAT!! I'm planning to draw Paige and... GALA!!! Yes, GALA! You're not reading that bold text wrong, yes, it's GALA! 

If any of you don't know who that is, it's an OC created by an artist called Carmessi:iconcarmessi:

I've loved Carmessi's work for very long now, like since last year, I believe. That dude can draw some really good lookin' BIG-ASS BOOTIES MAN...I'm telling you. Some of his works can feel a little bit wonky here and there but still, he's done a lot of work more than me and he's obviously more popular than me :( Ah!! Oh well, I just dunno how some hentai artists could draw so fast. It could be that they're using tablets to draw but for me, it may take some time to get this skills in my head or very little or decent. Already got a tablet with me.

It's just difficult. Drawing on Photoshop, GIMP, Paint tool sai, etc, isn't the same as drawing it traditionally on a regular normal paper. Most of us have felt that before and who knows, maybe I'll be an artist using tablet 90% or 80% in the future just like everybody. Perhaps it could help me boost up the speed of my drawing too. And you know, since I upload Paige like this, I shall do it for the rest of the characters' introductions in the future since I didn't think of doing a proper character sheet properly. But this is just an introduction. Character sheets may come up eventually if I have sufficient time.

Because for the remaining weeks of this year to the end of December, I've already got three art works planned. Now that this drawing of Paige is uploaded, the next one which is the one I'm going to start on soon is a drawing for Mother's Day coming up on 10 May or a few days later than that. That's deadline for Mother's Day drawing. Since Paige here now is a MILF, why not. I had an idea and it's where Sam, her son, gets breastfed by Paige. And I think I'll give a dark shadow covering Paige's eyes and have her red eyes glowing through that shadow and a big evil grin. That's gonna be GREAT!! 

I am planning to do one drawing with Gala and Paige tho, but I just dunno which holiday to pick. If you guys have any ideas, comment down in the section below. But it's okay, you don't have to. Because I literally dunno if I have time to do one with Gala. Maybe one drawing with Amber. Maybe a drawing of Gala, Amber, Sam and Paige herself. Maybe I'll do one with Gala for the 4th of July. Could be a drawing where Paige and Gala are making out while they bend down while standing and facing each other kissing. Then Amber's squatting below them and sucking Paige's ginormous juggs. Or Gala could be...ah!! I have a few ideas that feels like a lot!! GAA!!! So excited to draw these drawings man...!! DAYUM!! :XD: And I obviously have one Christmas drawing to do at the end of the year. Probably draw Lola. 

In between 4th of July and December, I think I still have lots of time to decide what I'm gonna draw. Then maybe that could do. Could draw Lola first, see how that goes...I did have this sketch doodle of her uploaded on my gallery tho'...check it out here...

Thinking of drawing comics too...but I just don't how to find time to do them...they do push back a few weeks even for a decent three paged comic strip. So I'm not really sure about doing one but if there's time, I'll try doing one. And figure out what that comic strip is gonna be about next time.

OKAY!! See you all soon. Glad this is uploaded. Until then, don't forget to give this a favourite and don't just favourite but TELL ME what you think of this drawing of Paige right here. Leave it in the comment section down below giving me your thoughts and opinions and criticism is welcome too.

CHAO!! :wave:

Paige Di © samcollends :iconsamcollends:
PAIGE SOAKS MAX UP IN SALIVA (2nd Ver.) by samcollends



This is my first official try on touching saliva. I had my experimenting on saliva with this one:…

But I think that one, the experimenting, did a lot better because at least that one had a sense of direction of where the saliva is coming from. Even if it looked like Boo is upcoming towards you, the saliva is in the wrong direction least it all went to one side. This one here, it was pretty damn good but it's...kinda messy and a little bit unpolished. So yeah, I guess you guys will like this more because it's more WET!! OH YEA'!!

Okay, see you guys later, if you like this, don't forget to drop a favourite. And don't just favourite this, comment below and tell me what you think. Give me your opinions, thoughts and maybe even constructive criticism! :lol:

CHAO!! :wave:

Paige Di © samcollends :iconsamcollends:
So I just wanna note for any of you who watches me that I've finished writing Paige's bio statistics, I finished writing her character origin, her likes and dislikes, everything I can think of that's required in a bio stat. So here's the completed bio sheet for Paige:…

Let me know if there's anything needs to be refined, which means improve, that way I can use this first biography stat as a reference since I made it myself. Other than that, be sure to stay tune for the art piece of Paige right after I get an solid approval from any of you...thanks!! CHAO!! :wave:
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